Alison - our English Italian visitor

This is Alison

Alison is a teacher.
She is from Wales, but she lives in Brescia in Italy. She can speak English, Italian, French and Welsh. She teaches English in Italy.
She is 58 years old, and she is a funny person. Her favourite animals are whales and tortoises.
As a child she had a tortoise, it liked peas a lot.
In winter Alison goes skiing and in summer she goes to the sea in Italy – Sicily, Sardinia.
Her favourite food is spaghetti with tomato sauce. Alison has got two children, Mathilda and Greg. Alison ́s younger brother lives in Ötz. His name is Andy.
Thank you, Alison, for the nice lesson!
Class 1a – MS Haiming   4th March 2022